For fun, I made a simple tile sliding puzzle - Tessellate

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Snakes Vs. Squirrels

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Snakes Vs. Squirrels

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Well, nearly a year since my last entry here..

I did complete a new course over at Zenva.

  • Mobile Game Development Mini-Degree
And I started on Unity Game Development.

I have converted Snakes Vs. Squirrels to Unity and will very soon have it in the App Store and the Google Play Store!!

And in between that time, I got back into electronics and other coding.

So, I also completed the following classes at Udemy

  • Learn Assembly Language by Making Games for the Atari 2600
  • x86 64-bit Assembly Language Step-by-Step
  • Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design (taught by Andre LaMothe!!!)
  • Modern React with Redux (2020)
  • The Complete Cyber Security Course
  • Learn Apache Solr with Big Data and Cloud Computing


Since I have been spending time writing games in Phaser 3, I thought it would benefit me to take some gaming courses.

I found Zenva Academy, and I started taking quite a few of their courses and found myself hooked.
I have completed the following courses

  • Full-Stack Web Developer Mini-Degree
  • Bite-Sized Coding Academy
  • MMORPG Academy
  • C++ Programming Bundle
  • HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree
  • Intro to Programming Bundle
I have learned quite a lot and have had fun doing it.
In fact, I even got recognition on their site as the Zenva Academy Success Story for February 2020.

I have quite a few new ideas and projects going on, and I even put up another site to play around with - youhavenobrain.com


My kids brought me a challenge this time.
They said I should make a Tetris like game but using our pets.
Like, with our dog and cat barking and meowing the tetris theme music.
So, after giving it some thought, I figured I could do it.

Pet parts falling, Barks and Meows wailing...

I give you - Petris


After proving to my kids I could create a game, I was urged to make another one.
Even though I had something in mind for a sequel to Island Escape, I wanted to try something new.
After looking at several of the available HTML5 gaming frameworks, I decided to try Phaser.io Version 3.

The site is well done, with a lot of examples and a large user base.

Thus, I introduce the first Phaser.io game - Snakes vs. Squirrels


When I was a kid, the best games out there were text adventures made by Infocom.
Out of a desire to re-create some of that kind of magic, I decided to look into writing interactive fiction.
I looked into a few of the IF designers out there, but decided to try Inform 7

It took a little getting used to since it is not exactly similar to programming.
But, after I got the hang of it, and fiddled with some extensions, I realized I could turn it into something more than just a text adventure.

I then set out to make a graphical adventure instead, with Inform 7 as just the gaming engine.
My intent is that the games can then be played on any browser or mobile device.
Thus, I introduce the first game in hopefully a much longer and connected series - Island Escape